Platinum cre8ive

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Event Sponsor

Platinum Cre8ive is a representation and management business that specializes in looking after talent with disabilities across Australia,, as well as providing business services for the entertainment industry.

Oleb Media

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Accessibility partner


WhiteStickFest is thrilled to announce Oleb Media as our official accessibility partner.

Oleb Media Is a Latinx, Disabled, and LGBTQ owned accessibility firm that breathes inclusion into all they do.

They offer digital accessibility testing and remediation services for websites, mobile apps, pdf documents, and eBooks.

Oleb Media are your resource for group and online training in accessible content creation.

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Cocky Guides

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Event Sponsor

Since launching in August 2018, more than 400 travellers have visited over 40 destinations around Australia with Cocky Guides, who specialise in providing unique, multi-sensory adventures for the blind and low-vision community.

Cocky Guides Founder James (Buck) McFarlane says ‘Supporting the inaugural White Stick Fest was a natural fit. There are so many positives our Travellers and Trip Leaders have witnessed as we connect community through travel, it blows me away imagining what can be achieved by White Stick Fest, connecting communities around the world through music!”

Learn more about Cocky Guides at

Vision Australia Radio

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Media Partner

The Vision Australia Radio Network incorporates ten community radio stations across Victoria, southern New South Wales, Adelaide, and Perth.

There are also five digital radio
services available in the three metropolitan areas as VAR, VA Radio, and IRIS. They offer a range of interesting and informative programs including readings from newspapers, magazines and books, interview and specialist programs on new technology, gardening, finance, travel, wine and food and the arts.

For more information visit

Foundation Fighting Blindness

The Foundation Fighting Blindness logo

WhiteStickFest is proud to announce a partnership with Foundation Fighting Blindness to bring you WhiteStickFest 2023.

Going live on October 15th (Australian time zone) our concert will once again feature a host of musical talents (blind, low-vision, and sighted supporters) from all around the globe to celebrate the achievements of people that are blind or low vision excelling in a sighted world.

Foundation Fighting Blindness has a proud 52-year history of driving research leading to treatments and cures for blinding diseases. Today, the Foundation is the world’s leading private funder of retinal disease research, raising over $891 million in support of its mission. This funding has been a driving force behind the progress toward cures, including the identification of more than 270 genes linked to blinding diseases, and the launch of over 40 clinical trials for potential treatments.

WhiteStickFest is pleased to work with an organisation with a rich tradition of helping the blind and low vision community and is proud to play a part in supporting potential cures for blinding diseases worldwide.

For information including how to donate to Foundation Fighting Blindness check out

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