Robert Cini

Robert Cini

CONFIRMED: @robert_cini!

#WhiteStickFest is pleased to confirm that Australian Songwriters Award Winner and Queensland local Robert Cini will return guitar in hand this year.

Here is Robert with his original song ‘Time Machine’ performing live at Tanks Art Centre.  (video Below)


ith his smooth and melodic voice paired with his guitar gently weeping he deserves his place amongst the worlds engaging elite.




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Murphy to debut on WhiteStickFest 2022

Murphy’s journey of self-discovery started on a peer in Baltimore (his hometown) after he lost his job for not seeing all that well

He picked up his guitar at one of his lowest points sat down and sung for passers-by describing it as his moment when he realised that if he could be happy in who he was on that peer than he needed little else.

When the sun fell he packed up his minimal belongings and the clothes on his back and left to travel the streets of America

playing his distinctive style of folk, soul, rock and roll from New Orleans to New York to LA busking for food and living on the streets.

That all changed one day when he was invited to audition on AMERICAN IDOL 2021

Murphy instantaneously became a fan favourite with his soft spoken nature, his beautifully written and performed lyrics and his positive outlook often accompanied by a warm smile.

He got the golden ticket to Hollywood but was deemed by the judges to not quite be ready to progress further not surprisingly this turned out to be an unpopular decision with his millions of new and adoring fans who loved everything that he was and stood for.

In a very Murphy like way he thanked all for the opportunities and never looked back going from strength to strength and being brought back by popular demand to perform at the finale of that season.

See below for more of his story on Studio 1 on vision Australia radio  (WhiteStickFest partner)

Murphy continues his dreams of playing music and making a difference in the lives of those who made a difference in his.

His debut single, "The Painted Man," was released in early 2022.

He is excited about what journeys lie ahead and we couldn’t be more excited to feature him this year

KT Tunstall

KT Tunstall

Take a Seat Before we announce this one KT Tunstall will play WhiteStickFest 2022!

WhitestickFest is still in a state of disbelief to announce that KT Tunstall will be taking to our virtual stage on October 15th at 10am (Australian Time)

Bursting onto the global music scene in 2004 with her multi-platinum debut, Eye to the Telescope, which spawned the global and multi-platinum hits “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” and “Suddenly I See” (used as the theme song on “The Devil Wears Prada” film).

Pioneering the use of a loop pedal in the process Tunstall established herself as a captivating and dynamic must see (Grammy nominated) performer, as well as a Songwriter with a singular knack for balancing introspective and propulsive rock.

She has released 8 studio albums and toured the globe wowing audiences everywhere that she has gone, not just a gifted performer she comes to us referenced as a person of integrity and compassion someone worthy of aspiration for some of our young artists starting their own musical journeys.

Her latest album “Nut” continues her ascension towards hall of fame status as some of her finest work to date and is best described as a triumph

We couldn’t be more privileged to welcome her onto our virtual stage and encourage you to check out KT’s Youtube channel below to experience some of her new music (assuming you don’t know all her songs off heart like we do)

Sirine Jahangir

Sirine Jahangir

Sirine Jahangir to debut on WhiteStickFest 2022

WhiteStickFest is over the moon to confirm that Sirine Jahangir will be joining the WhiteStickfest family on White Cane Day this year.

Hailing from the UK Sirine burst into everyone’s living rooms when she made the semi-finals of series 14 of Britain’s Got Talent at only 14 years of age.

The judges not surprisingly were in complete awe of her unmistakable talent.

After listening to her performance we are convinced you will agree that she is not only a truly gifted songwriter but a world class vocalist destined to sell out stadiums worldwide.

Wholeheartedly its celebrating and sharing talents like Sirine with the world that makes all the effort to produce the best concert we can worthwhile!

Lara Nahkle

Lara Nahkle

Australian Fan Favourite Lara Nahkle Confirmed To Return in 2022

 WhiteStickFest is thrilled to confirm Sydney based singer / songwriter Lara Nahkle will return to our international stage after yet another breakout year  

With her dog guide Maxwell watching on Lara’s recent career highlights include reaching the top 48 on TheVoiceAU 2017, singing at the 2018 Invictus Games in Sydney plus a guest performance at the 2021 Flag Raising and Citizenship Ceremony on Australia Day

With her career fast growing momentum due to the unquestionable vocal range and perfect pitch she possesses Lara continues to go from strength to strength and we couldn’t be more blessed to have her back for a third year.

Not sure what all the fuss is about?

View the link below to enjoy Lara’s YouTube channel

The Brave Caitlin Smith’s Imaginary Band

Photo is a black and white side profile of Caitlin.

Return of The Brave Caitlin Smith’s Imaginary Band

]Whitestickfest is keen as a bean to confirm that we will once again be joined by the exceptional stage presence of singer, songwriter and fearless  activist for blind pride Caitlin Smith.

Forged by our friends across the Tasman in New Zealand, Brave Caitlin Smith’s imaginary band live is more a bucket list experience than a live show.

Gifted with a perfect combination of pure stage presence, a powerful voice and easily relatable lyrics, Caitlin pours every sinew into her craft and effortlessly guides her audience through her music.

Caitlin is a big voice on blind pride and admits to being on a crusade of sorts to make the cane sexy both in New Zealand and around the world.

WhiteStickFest considers it a true privilege to feature her once more in 2022

For more of Brave Caitlin Smith’s Imaginary Band you can visit her Youtube Channel below

Vernon Barnard

Vernon Barnard

3 years of WhiteStickFest 3 Years of Vernon Barnard

Our favourite South African has been with us since the beginning and we couldn’t be happier to confirm he will return once more.

In case you have called under a rock home, Vernon stole hearts during his unforgettable 2016 audition on The Voice: South Africa.

Vernon chose The ‘Story Of My Life’ by One Direction as his audition song because he said that he could relate to the song.

He was barely 30 seconds into the song when judge Bobby van Jaarsveld turned his chair around and soon after burst into tears in captivation of the talented young man before him.

Many years on and multiple albums and accolades later Vernon returns to grace our WhiteStickFest stage for an exclusive performance on October 15th 2022.

Can’t wait?

Check out his YouTube channel below

Blind Joe

Blind Joe

Blind Joe returns for WhiteStickfest 2022

The rowdy non-stop rebel soul that is ‘Blind Joe’ is as infectious as a night of Jack Daniels and a few Hank Williams songs on the jukebox.

Coming from nowhere Joe rose to prominence with his southern charm, electrically powerful country voice and charismatic stage presence on season nine of America’s The Voice. in what he describes as a “truly blind audition”.

Several years on and losing none of his showmanship Joe is currently one of the most celebrated solo musicians in the North Dakota/Minnesota area,

Joe has shared the stage with numerous top local and regional acts, as well as national recording artists such as

David Allan Coe, Craig Morgan, John Anderson, James Otto, Collin Ray,  Buddy Guy, Bret Michaels of Poison, and many more.

He blew us away with his performance at last year’s concert below

Blind Joe returns October 15th 2022!

Albi And The Wolves

Albi And The Wolves

Albi And The Wolves Debut at WhiteStickFest.

New Zealand based Albi And The Wolves: featuring Chris ‘Albi’ Dent (guitar), Pascal Roggen (violin), Micheal Young (double bass), has a simple philosophy – no limitations

This enigmatic trio pride themselves on their ability to fill a dance-floor using only their string instruments.

Beyond that, it’s the combination of; time-honoured folk styles, modern indie, soul and pop song structures that set Albi And The Wolves apart from other genres.

WhiteStickFest is honoured to feature their undisputed talent on what is their WhiteStickFest debut.

Pixie and the Gypsies

Pixie and the Gypsies

Pixie and the Gypsies to debut on WhiteStickFest Virtual stage

In the music world so rarely does a voice rise above the murmur but once in a while you hear a voice that just stops you in your tracks

Taylor Notcutt the lead vocalist for Pixie and The Gypsies possesses such a voice

Formed in 2015 Pixie and the Gypsies is fast growing a reputation as one of the world’s stand out Jazz bands

Acclaimed albums Honey Trap and Caught In The Rain brought local success a top the UK Jazz charts and Whitestickfest has no doubt that they are on the fast track for international acclaim.

We are thrilled to welcome them to the WhiteStickFest family October 15th 2022

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