The Brave Caitlin Smith’s Imaginary Band

Return of The Brave Caitlin Smith’s Imaginary Band

]Whitestickfest is keen as a bean to confirm that we will once again be joined by the exceptional stage presence of singer, songwriter and fearless  activist for blind pride Caitlin Smith.

Forged by our friends across the Tasman in New Zealand, Brave Caitlin Smith’s imaginary band live is more a bucket list experience than a live show.

Gifted with a perfect combination of pure stage presence, a powerful voice and easily relatable lyrics, Caitlin pours every sinew into her craft and effortlessly guides her audience through her music.

Caitlin is a big voice on blind pride and admits to being on a crusade of sorts to make the cane sexy both in New Zealand and around the world.

WhiteStickFest considers it a true privilege to feature her once more in 2022

For more of Brave Caitlin Smith’s Imaginary Band you can visit her Youtube Channel below

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