Murphy Returns for WhiteStickFest 2023

From Murphy’s journey of self-discovery starting on a peer busking in Baltimore Maryland, to his international popularity of fame today, Murphy (Blind Boy Music), returns to perform his distinctive style of folk, soul, rock and roll for WSF 2023.

Murphy instantaneously became a fan favourite on AMERICAN IDOL 2021, with his soft-spoken nature, his beautifully written and performed lyrics and his positive outlook often accompanied by a warm smile.

He has brought together millions of fans from all over the world since his debut single, "The Painted Man," was released in early 2022, and is excited for what new journeys lie ahead as he continues to tour playing his music, sharing his songs, and making a difference in the lives of those who made a difference in his.

See below for more of his story on Studio 1 on vision Australia radio  (WhiteStickFest partner)

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