Tonal Vision

Tonal Vision set for global debut at WhiteStickFest 2023

The pop duo from Canada consisting of Jugpreet Bajwa Singh and Justine Ongreen will be bringing there unique dynamism and vocal harmonisation to the WhiteStickFest stage in 2023.

It’s been an incredible journey for this versatile Indian classical trained vocalist, who can sing in 16 languages.

His vocal training began around the age of 4, and by 6 years-old he had his first performance in Squamish on ‘Canada Day’.

Jugpreet Bajwa, was only a few months old when he lost both his eyes to retinoblastoma cancer. By the age of 2 his passion for music was in full swing.

“Music became a huge part of me, it was an escape… Every time I sang it was a healing power in terms of how I look at the world, to see the world through music.”

In 2007, he performed his own exclusive sold-out concert in Vancouver Canada and in 2016 Bajwa made it through over 150,000 contestants

to gain global popularity as one of three finalists in India’s Sa Re Ga Ma Pa – translated as Do Re Mi Fa So

equivalent, if not larger of competitions such as American Idol, with the show broadcast in 165 countries.

Juggy has spent the last couple of years singing the national anthems at Canucks home games and describes his relationship with Justine an equally successful recording artist, singer and songwriter in her own right as a brother sister like relationship that formed into a project just over a year ago.

Releasing their debut single ‘Kissed your lips” in July earlier this year, much to the delight of the duo the song has been an resounding success and Tonal Vision appear to be going from strength to strength in what we anticipate to be a global success for many years to come.

Check out there YouTube Channel below for more of their music


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