Vernon Barnard

close-up photo of Vernon Barnard with brown hair, and dark glasses wearing a white pin down formal shirt and black jacket.

4 years of WhiteStickFest 4 Years of Vernon Barnard

Our favourite South African songster has been with us since the beginning and we couldn’t be happier to have him as an ambassador for what we are hoping to achieve here at WhiteStickFest.

In case you never heard, Vernon stole hearts during his unforgettable 2016 audition on The Voice: South Africa.

Vernon chose The ‘Story Of My Life’ by One Direction as his audition song because he said that he could relate to the song.

He was barely 30 seconds into the song when judge Bobby van Jaarsveld turned his chair around and soon after burst into tears in captivation of the talented young man before him.

Many years on and multiple albums and accolades later Vernon returns to grace our WhiteStickFest stage for another awesome performance on October 15th 2023.

Can’t wait?

Check out his YouTube channel Playlist below

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