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CONFIRMED: Luan Pommier

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

CONFIRMED: Luan Pommier Image

Joining #WhiteStickFest from the French Caribbean is a worldwide star-in-the-making, composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and multifaceted songstress Luan Pommier

Gaining the international spotlight on France’s Got Talent 2020 in which she won a golden buzzer, Luan went on to earn a place amongst the top ten golden buzzers worldwide.

This global recognition came as little surprise to the locals of Guadeloupe who saw her participating in “Piano dans la Ville” as part of the festival Première Rencontre Autour du Piano on a piano in the middle of a street huddled around by onlookers truly appreciating the talent that they were witnessing.

Luan has performed on many stages since (sometimes playing many of the instruments she is proficient in including violin, guitar, flute and drums) but is still able to portray a genuine sincerity and purity in both her voice and her song writing that rivals many of the generational talents that have come before her.

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